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Which Solar Panel Gets Max Watts?

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REC Group - REC410AA PURE-R41011 4,510 4,076 7,115$1,7792019.48%647
Panasonic - EVPV400H40011 4,400 4,002 6,987$1,7472019.13%635
Panasonic - EVPV360PK36011 3,960 3,519 6,143$1,5362017.05%558
Silfab - SIL-370HC37011 4,070 3,571 6,233$1,5582017.29%567
REC Group - REC390AA39011 4,290 3,901 6,809$1,7022018.64%619
LG SOLAR - LG365N1K-A636511 4,015 3,553 6,202$1,5501918.19%564
Q CELLS - Q.PEAK 400W DUO BLK ML-G10+40011 4,400 3,898 6,805$1,7012117.57%619
Canadian Solar - CS1U-415MS41512 4,980 4,477 7,816$1,9542217.59%651
Solaria Corporation - Solaria PowerXT-400R-AC40010 4,000 3,477 6,070$1,5172117.09%607
REC Group - REC365AA36511 4,015 3,644 6,361$1,5901918.43%578
Silfab - Sil-420QD42010 4,200 3,783 6,603$1,6512118.86%660
Silfab - Sil-490 HN49011 5,390 4,895 8,545$2,1362518.48%777
REC Group - REC400AA-PURE40011 4,400 4,002 6,987$1,7472019.13%635
Hanwa Q CELLS - Black Mono 480W 156 Cell48011 5,280 4,697 8,199$2,0502418.66%745
Meyer Burger - 39039011 4,290 3,845 6,712$1,6782018.47%610


Thank you for looking at our solar design calculator.

It is really a powerful tool that will take a few minutes to get used to. The primary goal of this solar design calculator is to size a solar array in any given space. The two most important fields are:

  • Roof Height (feet)

  • Roof Width (feet)

  • Utility Rate per kWh $

    Roof height refers to the distance from the ridge to the eve of a roof. A typical California roof is 12' on one side. Generally you need to keep some room on a roof, so it's best to put 2' to 3' of space. Therefore, the default roof height for this calculator is 10 feet.

    Roof width refers to the available area for a solar array. This can range from 10 to hundreds of feet if it is on a commercial building.

    Simply put in your roof's height and width that you think can hold the solar array and press enter. The ABC Solar Design Calculator will give you total panel capability for your roof's area.

    Once the calculator is populated with data you can sort be a variety of factors. Please see these definitions for each report field:

  • Manufacturer - This is the solar panel manufacturer.

  • Model - This is the "official" model number for Solar Rebate purposes.

  • Nameplate Watts - This is what the solar panel manufacturer says is their DC Watts. It is referred to as DC Nameplate.

  • Quantity of Panels

  • System Size DC

  • System Size AC

  • kWh Yearly - This is an ABC Solar estimate on the annual solar production based on this math: PTC x Units x Magic Number = kWh Annual Production

  • kWh Value @ $0.25

  • Panel Square Footage

  • Panel Efficiency